Didier Recloux is a London-based composer for film and TV. He composed the music for the 2017-2020 ground-breaking History of Africa series with Zeinab Badawi for Kush Communications. He's currently working on the second series, first airing will be in October 2019. The programme is a sweeping documentary of 20 episodes broadcast on BBC World, and covers a lot of ground, historically, geographically and musically. It translates into images one of UNESCO’s major contributions to the knowledge of Africa. Didier says: ‘I was inspired by the vast scenery, colours and of course the stories narrated by Zeinab. I use the images as much as I can to find the right mood for the music: sometimes a facial expression, the light of the scene or a sweeping shot of a mountain can trigger an idea. My main goal was to convey a sense of place without invading the space, and the richness of the African music gave me a lot to play and experiment with.’ 

Zeinab describes collaborating with Didier: ‘He is a wonderful composer who worked meticulously to capture the spirit and authenticity of each programme.’ 

Didier grew up in Belgium and was introduced to music at a very young age by his Polish grandmother who came from a very musical family. She took him to the cinema, igniting a passion for film music and introducing him to the music of Maurice Jarre (Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago was a theme she often sang) , Ennio Morricone, and also some of her favourite classical pieces. Although Didier chose guitar as his main instrument, he went on to study drums, piano and singing and then knew that composing was his outlet. 

Didier moved to London to continue his studies in composition and piano with Jonathan Walker, and to pursue a career as a film composer. 

His first score was for the documentary Featherweight, directed by Christophe Hermanns (Belgium). He then collaborated twice with award-winning director Lou Hamilton (UK) on " Desire of the Pitbull Warrior" and "Angie", and later with Keith Mackin and John Reck on "Cops and Robbers". 

 His first television break came with the documentary The Lost Child, written and presented by Zeinab Badawi (World News Today & HARDtalk), produced and broadcast by BBC World. 

More projects followed with Zeinab and her production company Kush Communications, "The Stars of Verona" in 2020 and "Meet the Maestro" in 2019.

Didier is currently working on his first solo project due to be released for the end of 2021.. 

Didier Recloux lives in London with his artist wife Apostolia Vorgianiti.